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Get back in the saddle
Restoring your carbon and aluminum frames, wheels and components.
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Unique engineering approach
Our techniques are focused on restoring structural integrity.
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Aluminum repairs with carbon
Aluminum repairs without any welding.

Why CarbonFix?


Given how far frame construction has come over the years, our structural engineering background is a vital part of our repair process.


Carbon fibre is not an easy material to master so our years of experience in marine craft construction provides a solid base to work from.


Years of cycling have instilled a dedicated passion and thorough knowledge of the industry and the specific needs of cyclists, no matter their discipline.

It's waited long enough!

That repair job that has been sitting in the garage for months... Yeah that one, let's get it fixed!

Our Approach

We challenge two common misconceptions...

Carbon Fibre CAN be repaired

This applies to all frames, wheels and components.

Aluminum DOES NOT require welding

Carbon repair technology can be used on aluminum parts.

CarbonFix is born from a wealth of experience in both structural engineering and carbon fibre production - topped off with a passion for cycling and helping others. Over the years we have developed techniques and methods to do repairs inside frames and wheels enabling maximizing strength restoration without major outside visual impact. Every CarbonFix repair is carefully analysed and assessed by an experienced engineer to decide how best to lay up the carbon to restore the structural integrity without adding weight or noticeable bulk.

All our repairs are done to restore as close to the original strength, weight and look of the original part.

Our research and development has proven that carbon and aluminum actually bond chemically when prepared properly, which avoids any welding and the stress and heating problems that go with welding this very thin material. All our repairs are done to restore as close to the original strength, weight and look of the original part. We don’t try to make it stronger as this could affect the feel or balance of the bike.

Our goal is to challenge what has previously been achievable in the repairing of frames, wheels and components. Have a look at our growing list of repairs or contact us for a repair job.

Our Repair Work

We are happy to advise on any damage with no obligation. Here are a few of our recent success stories.

Specialised Swing Arm Repair

Specialised swing arm which was not replaceable so given to CarbonFix to repair Specialised Aluminum swing arm showing crack before […]

Burnt MTB Wheel

A client brought us his Giant MTB wheel after it got burnt by a car exhaust.

Broken Back Support

CarbonFix repaired a broken back support with hardly any weight gain using a carbon fibre bandage. 

Momsen Aluminum Frame

One of the fore-runners of our successful repair of aluminum with carbon fiber.

Cosmic Deep Rim

We are able to fix all types of wheels and frames.

Valve Damage Repaired

Valve damage usually means writing off the component but we were able to restore this valve to it’s original condition.

Let's not be shallow...

Don’t just get a cosmetic repair, ensure that it is structurally sound.

Our Process

Send Images
Contact us via the details below and send us detailed pictures of the break, as well as a picture of the whole frame or wheel to indicate the location of the damage.

Initial Quote
We will reply within 24 hours advising what needs to be done with an estimated cost. Due to the nature of repair work, this cost is subject to change on a detailed inspection of the damage, but no work will be done without acceptance of the quote.

Delivery / Collection
Once the quote is accepted, we will need the bike or component hand delivered or couriered to us. We will happily pick up at nearest post office or PostNet and endeavour to make the delivery as easy as possible for you. When sending components to CarbonFix, it is best to please strip the component to avoid loss or damage in transit or in the workshop.

Analysis and Final Cost
We then inspect and assess the component in detail to decide on the best repair method and communicate our findings, timeframe and final cost before proceeding. You can then decide whether to proceed with the repairs or not. For larger repairs, we may require a 50% deposit before commencing on the repair to cover specialized materials and/or paint.

Repair and Collection
Once the repair is complete we will contact you with photographs of the repaired component and arrange for collection or delivery. We operate strictly on COD terms so no component will be dispatched or released without payment being received. All CarbonFix work is guaranteed for 12 months from date of delivery/collection.

Contact us

Don’t hesitate to get in touch! Call or WhatsApp us directly on 081 279 4344 or email us on